We clean your exhaust and duct system from head to toe.

We remove all grease and flammable material from the interior surfaces of the canopy, flue and exhaust fan. We clean from whatever condition back to metal.

We provide you with the required AS1851-2012 certificate upon completion of all Major cleans.

We provide Minor cleans for the lower canopy and hood area.

We provide written reports for body corps, centre management and landlords by request.

We are inducted for most of the major shopping centres, hold all relevant insurances and can work at heights.

We are experienced in the cleaning and maintenance of Halton UV system and lights.

We are specialist cleaners of Aged Care , Hospital and Respite kitchens.

Don’t leave it too late!

Avoid your kitchen being a hot, smelly and smoky kitchen.

Book an obligation free quote today and breathe a lot easier!

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